Europigeons Directory


Title Individual
A visit with Jo Hendriks, Twello, Holland. Report after his 1980 Barcelona victory.‘De Barcelona’ Hendriks. J. B.
Barcelona- A remarkable achievement. A view of Eadhuns victory at Barcelona 2012‘EÁDHUN’ Nigel Lane
JELLE OUTHUIJSE, Harlingen. Loft report based upon Barcelona International 2006.Barcelona Witpen 215 Jelle Outhuijse
HANS KNETSCH. 3rd National Pau 2010.‘Moeder Jopie’ Knetsch. Hans
Jac Steketee of Bruinisse. Loft report the man and his pigeons.NL91-9103526 ‘De Stayer’ J. J. M. Steketee Blue Cheq.
Jac Steketee of Bruinisse 2013. Report on 2013 International performance.NL91-9103526 ‘De Stayer’ J. J. M. Steketee Blue Cheq.
Hans Knetsch, Katwijk. “Jopie” and Irun 2007‘Jopie’ Knetsch. Hans
HANS KNETSCH. 1st Nat. 2nd Inter Narbonne 2009 with “Maarten”‘Maarten’ Knetsch. Hans